Celebrating milestones of Premature and Sick Babies

100 Day Milestone Quilts Project 

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s foremost charity dedicated to providing support, friendship and information, specifically tailored for families of children born premature or sick.

Having a child that is sick or premature can be a very traumatic roller-coaster ride and the foundation strives to give families the support and assistance they need.

More information about Life’s Little Treasures can be found at www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au


About the 100 Day Quilt Project

Having a baby born premature or sick is a very overwhelming experience for parents. Some of these babies are so unwell that they can spend months in hospital, meaning their parents go for extended periods without their babies at home with them. Life’s Little Treasures would like to provide these families with a special keepsake through a gift of a handmade quilt, lovingly created by members of the local community. These quilts will be kept as a special gift and remind parents of how far their baby has come through such a difficult and life changing experience, as well as a symbol to let them know that they are being thought of by the greater community.


Quilt Specifications

Size: 120 width by 85 length. This allows for enough length to wrap around the side of the mattress.  

Wadding: Thin wadding. Cotton material. No polyester. 



As these donations are to be given to the parents of infant children, you will need to ensure that your project complies with the following requirements.

Use only new products and materials Donations must be clean and free from chemicals, smoke and pet hair

It cannot have any potential choking hazards like buttons, beads, ribbons, hems or rhinestones attached.



This is an ongoing project, donations are accepted throughout the year



All donations can be either

Donated 30 quilts for families across Australia

Cranbourne United Patch workers (CUPS)

dropped off to Lifes Little Treasures Head Office at:
Level 1, 203 Riversdale Rd
Hawthorn, VIC 3122


Posted to:
Att: Karen Peters
Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
Level 1, 203 Riversdale Rd
Hawthorn, Vic 3122