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The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is a charity which is dedicated to providing support, friendship information and assistance to families of

Vic Roads Metro South Team

Vic Roads Metro South Team

children born prematurely throughout Victoria. It is currently run by volunteer parents who themselves have had a premature baby and so truly understand the challenges that these babies and their families face.

The Foundation is fully self funded and so relies on the assistance of corporate donation and sponsorship to ensure we can continue to offer the services we currently provide to families both in hospital and the community when they come home. We are very grateful for all the funding we have received to date and over the years have built many special relationships with our corporate sponsors.

Becoming a corporate sponsor can be beneficial in many ways, not all sponsorship needs be financial, we have sponsors who assist us in various other ways.

Team Holden

Team Holden

We print many different types prem related material, have a quarterly newsletter, provide assistance to families, organise social events, provide gifts to parents in hospital for the main celebrations such as Mother’s, Father’s & Christmas Day. Produce packs for families in hospital and packs for professionals. Assistance in providing all these services is greatly appreciated.

We of course will recognise any support we receive on our web site, newsletter, any printed material and any social occasion a sponsor is part of. This mutually beneficial relationship will ensure that we can continue the vital work we do.

If you are a company who is interested in being involved in any way, big or small, then please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you. Together we can make a change.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Team From Ansvar

Team From Ansvar



See how your support can make an impact on the families of premature and sick babies 



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Phone: 1300 mypremmie – (1300 697 736)
or by email on

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation
PO Box 476,
Chadstone Centre RP,
VIC 3148

We are very grateful to all our current corporate sponsors & supporters who have so generously supported us over the years.


Corporate Partnership

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