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Parents of a baby born prematurely whether they are in or out of the hospital, will find themselves constantly on “High Alert” , it is a very worrying time for them, having watched their baby fight for life.

The one thing they don’t want to have to do is constantly watch and remind others around their baby of what they should & shouldn’t be doing.

We have produced a short series of downloadable posters which can be used by families both in & out of the hospital, they enable the parent to communicate their main worries to those around them without actually having to constantly repeat the same thing over and over. In the process taking a little of that pressure off them.

These posters reflect the issues which we found most worrying as parents, if however there are others you would like to see, please let us know.

© Life’s Little Treasures Foundation 2010, 2011

LLT poster

Download poster (pdf)

What can you do as a friend or relative poster

Download poster (pdf)

Please don’t open my door poster

Download poster (pdf)

Please stay away if you are sick poster

Download poster (pdf)

Please wash your hands poster

Download poster (pdf)

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