Downloadable Postcards and Tip Sheets

Downloadable Postcards and Tip Sheets to use at Hospital and Home

As the parent of a baby in NICU or Special Care we understand how limited and precious your time is with your baby. You are, your babies advocate and there are times when you may wish to communicate your feeling to others around you, without having to repeat yourself a hundred times a day!!, this is especially true during the winter months.

In order to help you along LLT has designed a set of small postcard sized posters, for the isolette or cot which communicate those feeling which we found most important to us as parents in NICU & Special Care.

We also understand that when you get home it can be a worrying time try to monitor who comes into your house and who does what and so some of these posters can also be used when you get home as well.

Our Tip Sheet range provides essential information in an easily read and accessible format.

All our tip sheets are free for you to download HERE

Downloadable Isolette Postcards


LLT poster

Download poster (pdf)







Please don’t open my isolette door

Download poster (pdf)







Please stay away if you are sick 

Download poster (pdf)







Please wash your hands

Download poster (pdf)







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